Tonsillitis in Dogs: Information, Treatment and Prevention

Like humans, dogs have pair of tonsils.If you take a look inside your dog's mouth, they appeared like lymph nodes. Same to human, the role of these tonsils is to combat infection to protect dog health. Now when these tonsils are swollen, your dog may experience pain. They gag and the lick their lips regularly. They can't eat well. Dog suffering from tonsillitis usually experience loss in appetite due to pain and frequently, swollen tonsils results to extreme fatigue.

You see, there are millions of bacteria inside a dog's mouth. When these dogs suffer from chronic cough and chronic vomitting, it results to tonsillitis. There came to be a point when your dog experiences depression due to the inflamed tonsils and even in your naked eye, you can observe this condition.

You need to be aware that tonsillitis in small dogs are common than in the large ones. Seeing them suffer breaks your heart that's why; you need to immediately bring them to the nearest veterinarian and seek help.

Prednisone Tonsillitis in Dogs

What can you give a dog for tonsillitis? Usually, the first method to treating dog tonsillitis is to find out what truly causes the disease. It's better not take them to veterinarian than diagnosing them all by yourself. The vet will not administer medication unless he cures the underlying cause of the disease.

If the symptoms of the tonsilitis in dogs are vomiting or coughing, the veterinarian administers prednisone antibiotic to be taken for two to three weeks. The role of the antibotics is to treat the infections only. If the existence of tonsilitis is only caused by tartar, your dog's teeth must only be cleaned by a professional dentist for dogs and no further medication is needed.

When you use prednisone to treat your dog's tonsillitis, this means your dog is experiencing the worst type of tonsillitis. Dogs should not take prednisone or other steroidal drugs for a long period if possible. Some people say tonsillitis in dogs can be contagious to humans. This is not true. Only the tonsillitis caused by unusual bacterium can be harmful to humans. Other than that, it's safe.

If antibiotic-treatment is not enough, your veterinarian might suggest of a tonsillectomy. This is another surgical procedure where the infected tonsils are removed. Tonsillectomy is only done when it's only necessary depending on the chronic severity of the condition.

Preventive Measure

Therefore, to avoid tonsillitis in your dogs, keep their oral hygiene clean. It will be better if you take them in their dentist twice in two months. I know it will be expensive but better be in this condition than seeing them suffer. Treating tonsillitis in dogs is possible but avoiding the disease is even better.

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