Dog Dementia

Dogs are mans best friend. We take care of them making sure that our dogs are well treated and loved.  However dogs are like humans too, they get old and get sick. Dog dementia is one sad thing to witness for a dog to go through with as they aged.

In 1990s its been known that canine brains mirror those seen in people suffering from
dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. Dog dementia is a cognitive dysfunction syndrome. It's a loss of brain function affecting the thinking, and behavior. As a dog aged, they may show behaviors which is similar to their childhood.

Now what causes these to happen? When Beta-amyloid plaque accumulate in the brain, it
deteriorates mental capacity of the dog leading to lack of memory to behavioral decline. Having low neurotransmitters, the brain will not function well. Not enough blood on the brain and free radical can harm the brain cells, leading to dementia. With the causes we have for this disease, its actually hard to hard to prevent it. We may sense if our dogs are going through this sickness and the least thing we can do is to compassionately deal with it, given that theirs no cure.

Being observant will pay off on how to manage dog dementia. Notice your dog. Does your dog
having problem walking? Do you get late response when you call them? Any issues on your dogs visual? Or any unusual actions that can be a sign of dementia? If so, always take into consideration on how you can make it easy for your dog to cope with it.

You should keep the dog in as familiar places so he is not confused by new things. Since its not curable we can lessen the dementia behavior by getting the dogs on vitamin therapy,changing the dog food diet by reducing fat and protein. Bond with your dog in a way that they will enjoy and will also help in decreasing anxiety. Walk your dog, it increase the brain blood flow. Talk to your dog, they are like humans too, it will give them a sense of security and care. Visit your local veterinary to check on your dog health from time to time.

Like humans, old dogs needs special attention and care. Dementia can be a frustrating part of life cycle for a dog, and as for your loyal friend it may also frustrate you on how hard to deal with it. The dog is your best friend try to make it as a moment to emphasize the love you had to take care of it since it was little because the dog needs you now even more .

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