Dog Food Recall; Past Present and the Future

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The term back yard dog is becoming more of taboo now for dog lovers. Pet owners’ nurtures and spoil their dog as if it’s their only child. They are actually spending a lot of money now on eye-catching yet expensive collars, dog kennel,
dog health insurance and a good brand of dog food.

However after the series of unpleasant incident of a massive dog food recall, pet owners are taking a lot consideration when it comes to choosing what to feed their pet. The improved self-consciousness of pet owners in their dog health and choices greatly affects and still affecting sales of various pet food products. Various associations for dog health protection and FDA are sterner on regulating the distribution of pet food. Companies are obligated to follow strict guidelines and requirements which should in general satisfy the needs of most pets.

Harking back to the past, the FDA found out that a certain brand/brands of dog food are the primary caused of dogs getting sick and a considerable number died after eating that food contaminated with harmful chemicals. Dog health were put at risk and dogs generally experienced kidney problems and showed sign of poisoning which includes but not limited to vomiting, convulsion and difficulty of breathing. Pet owner’s grievances steers the very heart of the media and therefore heightened consciousness of the general public.

In the face of the past sticky situation on dog food recall, studies shows that in America alone, pet owner will spend $43.4 billion on their pets in 2008, which is way higher that $41.2 billion last year. And the focal target market is of course the Baby boomers, since being alone in the house; they are most likely the people to own a pet and will have enough superfluous budgets to pamper their pet in most ways. Nevertheless they are also the type of pet owner who are more involved in their dog health and will spend extra time reading nutrition facts and bag of dog food.

After the dog food recall, comes a new challenged for dog food manufacturer to make available to the more educated pet owners the best products they can offer without jeopardizing the dog health and being. It would probably be one of the grounds for higher price on dog food, improve premiums, and confusing hype. Either way, dog food ought to supply the dog's nutrient necessities. After all you dogs are your family and you don’t want any of your family eating pieces of crap, don’t you?

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