Dog Health and Obesity Awareness

dog health, dog lovers, dog health information When we talk about “obesity”, humans normally come in our mind. But what if it is dog obesity and not humans? Strange, right? We ought to know that dog health and obesity awareness is a perfect way to save the man's best friend. Maybe it was too distinct for people who lived many years ago; but fortunately not for people living in the modern society nowadays. Dogs of today, like humans, experience obesity as one of the major health risks.

Dogs that eat excessively and with unhealthy binges can become obese. This situation often triggered by some environmental factors could create more problems in a dog health if not controlled. Dogs also develop certain diseases if they are overweight that can lead to more serious complications including death. Obesity in dogs tends to put extra weight developing arthritis on their joints and other parts of the bones. It can also develop other muscle and joint problems like spinal disc disease, hip dysplasia, and cracks on the joint ligaments.

We all know that overweight causes diabetes in humans. It certainly does happen to dogs, too. More fat stored in the dog's body generates more insulin in order to cope with its increasing mass. Dogs have the tendency to resist too much insulin in the body, so this results to diabetes. Skin problems also occur if a dog is overweight. Excessive fat deposits are stored in the skin makes the owner find it hard grooming his dog. Dogs without proper grooming oftentimes accumulate bacteria, dirt, or other elements that can harm their skin. This eventually develops rashes, skin ruptures, and infections that are very dangerous on your dog health.
Overweight dogs are prone to heat stroke especially during summer time. Too much fat deposits accumulated in their skin lowers their heat tolerance. Obese dogs can also develop respiratory problems and heart diseases. Thick fat deposits covering the chest cavity, thus making the lungs and the heart expand hardly whenever the dog breathes. If the heart and the lungs can no longer produce the right amount of oxygen and circulate it within the dog's body, it could kill him. Inflamed pancreas, which is very painful, can seriously affect dog health. Lastly, obesity in dogs can create a liver malfunction because of too much fat deposits accumulated in the area. This may even cause the death of your dog.

These health problems are all life threatening to both humans and dogs. But in the case of our pet dogs, it all depends upon the owner on how he secures his dog health. It is important that dog lovers should create a healthy exercise schedule for their dogs like taking them for a walk every afternoon or letting him run through a field. This does not only benefit the dogs but their owners as well. Owners must also create a healthy diet for their dogs. Diet meals with necessary nutrients should include the right combination of fiber, meat, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals in order for the dogs to stay healthy.

Dog lovers
should always give more water to their dogs when they feed them fiber. This can prevent constipation. Above all, they should also remember that before trying out new things on their dogs, it is best to consult the veterinarian first. Give your dogs the best love and care you can. Your dog health and obesity awareness is a perfect way to save the man's best friend.

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