How to deal with Dog Arthritis

How much do you value your pet? Survey says that the basic annual expenses for dog health amounts to 453 dollars including Surgical Vet Visits, Food, Kennel Boarding, Routine Vet, Groomer/Grooming aids, Vitamins, treats and toys. It only show that in American alone, pet lovers has enough supply for pet care and know exactly what their pet needs especially for dogs There is also a possible indication that dog lovers could easily know what their dog health condition directly from their vet or on how their dog looks like. Because your dog can’t talk, he's counting on you to recognize signs of pain and to have your veterinarian diagnose to treat the condition.

Certain signs like reluctant to climb steps, to rise from a resting position, when your dog tire easily and lag behind during long walks may show that your dog might be or suffering from painful arthritis. Arthritis is defined as an inflammation of a joint, usually accompanied by pain, swelling, and sometimes changes in structure. Sometimes this joint pain is the first symptom that is noticed. Other joint problems include stiffness and swelling, particularly in the large joints such as the knee, elbow, and shoulder. Arthritis like osteoarthritis (General term) is a debilitating disease that greatly affects your dog health and well being.

Unlike humans where an injury doesn’t immediately manifest itself as arthritis, in dogs symptoms can be seen within several weeks and develops this arthritis as they age. Although there are no miracle cures, much can be done to make your dog with arthritis more comfortable and improve their lives. In order not to make it more difficult for your dogs, arthritis treatment can be done to decrease mobility. This treatment includes medicines, supplement, exercise, diet/weight and surgery. Medicines may help to both reduce the pain and slow down the progress of osteoarthritis. Aspirin is not recommended for even it reduce pain it still cause the cartilage in the joints to break down. Supplement is a good approach but it would be better if you discuss it with your vet so to determine the level of effectiveness.

Moderate amounts of exercise are also important not only for arthritis suffering dog but for the dog health as a whole. One round on the block two or three times a day of walk is about right. Avoid strenuous activity. Try to ask advice from a physical therapist that specializes in canine arthritis. See to it also that you monitor the diet of your dogs because overweight dogs make the arthritis treatment more difficult. The more weight on those poor joints, the harder it is to move around. In severe cases, Surgery might also be a possible way to fuse together joints that are causing pain. Additional treatment is also to give your dog a soft comfortable place to sleep. It is much easier for your dog if you use a foot off the floor bed for them to get up and down.

A pet dog has been part of our family. Like any members, we must give importance as how to improve and maintain our their health. Before anything could possibly happen and become worse we should make it habit to be accountable to them. It is for us to easily know any signs of diseases and avoid unexpected results because prevention is still the best cure.

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It's important to uderstand the difference between arthritis and arthrosis. Arthritis in dogs are common diseases of the joints.