Kennel Cough in Dogs

Being a dog owner seems to come with certain responsibilities. Among the most difficult of these is detecting certain diseases which your dog contract in the course of its life. One of the most common dog illnesses which you need to look out for is Kennel Cough. Because this illness is very contagious, you will need to isolate the infected dog from any other pets that you may have.

Kennel Cough can affect any number of animals, including rabbits, cats, hamsters, and all sorts of other mammals. They can be infected by your dog and vice versa, which is why you need to isolate infected pets, otherwise they will end up infecting other animals they come in contact with.

Aside from isolating your dog, you should also consider washing any blankets that he may have used so that the disease doesn’t spread to furniture. This also applies to your dog’s feeding bowls, chew toys or sleeping baskets.

One of the main characteristics of Kennel Cough in Dogs is that it spreads via air-borne bacteria. This is particularly true in an enclosed environment. Places like Kennels, parks and dog pounds are all places where Kennel Cough bacteria can thrive.

Kennel Cough symptoms generally manifest within a week. At this point, the dog will begin coughing like it has something stuck inside its throat. However, the dog will not become feverish quite yet. The dog may cough up a lot of phlegm after several rounds of cough.
If the Kennel Cough is not serious, the color of the phlegm will be light, and the disease will only last about a week or so. On the other hand, if the symptoms were to last longer than 3 weeks and the phlegm has a dark color then he will need to be brought to the vet, otherwise the infection will become increasingly more fatal to dog health.

Healthy dogs have better chances at resisting the disease and expelling it from their system very quickly. In other words, the best way to fight Kennel cough is to keep your dog healthy with a good diet and plenty of exercise. In the event that your dog does develop kennel cough, you can always try good old fashion natural remedies. If that doesn’t work then veterinary medication is always an option.

The best way to prevent Kennel Cough in dogs is to build up its immune system. The most common preventive vaccine for Kennel Cough is the bordatella vaccine. However, this vaccine may cause a lot of unpredictable effects in your dog health, including debility, vomiting, hives, or even death.

Despite vaccines however, it is possible to use natural pet remedies to prevent the kennel cough, most of which you can create with ordinary ingredients that you may have around your house. Doing so, will allow you to take of your dog’s Kennel Cough without resorting to medication.

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