Dog Health Protected at Home

dog health, dog loversDog lovers are often put into a dilemma of determining if their dog health is in danger because like humans, dog do have emotions too, and sometimes they are not just in the mood to eat, play or roam around. Here are some of conditions that call for immediate actions.

· Pain, prolong or severe

· Major trauma, injury, or shock from

  • falls, vehicle accidents, wounds or cuts, fractured bones

· Demonstrate signs of:

  • weakness, collapse, rapid heartbeat, rapid of breathing, dilated pupils, and disorientated appearance,

· Ingested poison; be sure to present the product or the container if you have it.

· Penetrating wounds anywhere, but particularly in the chest or abdomen.

· Vomiting and diarrhea accompany by blood or violent episodes.

· Weakness and cannot put any weight on the leg.

· Any other signs that look serious, such as: eye problems, severe itching with self-mutilation, severe hives

· Difficulty breathing,

  • raucous respiration, blue tongue, gasping for breath.

· Continuous bleeding on any part of the body; apply pressure with a clean cloth and go!

· Bloated or swollen abdomen or painful abdomen with or without vomiting.

· Inability to urinate, constipation or has bloody stool or urine or painful defecation or urination.

· Heatstroke

  • heavy panting, intense weakness and body temperature about 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

· Inability to deliver puppies or kittens, labour contractions for longer than one hour or more than 15 minutes of labor with the fetus or membrane showing.

· Loss of balance or consciousness or seizure, including

  • tremors, coma, staggering, convulsions, sudden blindness, tilting of the head, biting at imaginary objects and
  • Sudden changes in disposition such as unusual withdrawal or out-of-character aggressiveness.

In addition I also included a list of basic and helpful first aid kit that every dog owners need to have in their houses. With this first aid kit, do lovers can take care of minor injuries and problem in their dog health if they have the appropriate tools, remedies, and equipment.

· Rubbing alcohol

· Ear syringe -- two ounce capacity

· Ace self-adhering athletic bandage -- three-inch width

· White petroleum jelly (Vaseline or similar)

· Eye wash

· Sterile, non-adherent pads

· Gauze sponges -- 50 four-by-four inch sponges, two per envelope

· Triple antibiotic ointment

· Sterile stretch gauze bandage -- three inches by four yards

· Buffered aspirin

· Dermicil hypoallergenic cloth tape one inch by 10 yards

· Hydrogen peroxide

· Pepto Bismol tablets

· Generic Benadryl capsules -- 25mg, for allergies

· Hydrocortisone acetate -- one percent

· Kaopectate tablets maximum strength

· Bandage scissors

· Custom splints

· Vet Rap bandage

Other suggested items are:

  • Blanket
  • Tweezers
  • Muzzle
  • Hemostats
  • Rectal thermometer
  • Ziplock bags
  • Chart, that includes all dog health information, medications, and for other pertinent numbers to call in case of emergency.

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