Dog Health Questions on Hygiene

dog health, dog loversCleanliness is next to godliness or should I say dogliness. Understanding you dog health is the same as understanding your health. Raising a dog also takes the responsibility of finding out and providing their needs as well as guarding their health. So here are more of dog health questions and answers that you need to know.

Why the bad breath?
Focusing on dental care is important because dental diseases can cause bad breath. Common implications are plague and calculus deposits on your dog's teeth. The worst thing is for it to develop into gingivitis. Give your pet a good brush of teeth at least 3 times a week to avoid this. Try to give your dog something hard to chew to exercise their teeth and remove plaque. At the same time you can visit vet clinic and pet shop to buy mouthwash or dental toy cleaner.

Does the frequent urination of puppies’ manifestation of infections?
Frequent urination in young or even adult dog is not considered normal. The first thing you need to do is to take a closer look at his urine. Examine if there is a trace of blood or unusual components. A young dog especially the female is prone to urinary tract infection since they cannot fight the infections because of their unchallenged immune system. An adult dog possibly be experiencing hormonal imbalance which can dramatically affects his kidney performance.

My dog stinks, literally!
Dog lovers know that their dog may get its unpleasant odor from playing around garbage’s and dirt. If regularly bathing does him no good then maybe you are bathing him too often. Like humans, frequent bathing can remove the natural oil from your dog’s fur and can cause dry scalp and eventually dandruff. You can change your regular shampoo or use milder shampoo for your dog. Mold and yeast are possible factors of stinks also, so be sure to dry your dog fur well after bathing.

What's the right way to remove those ticks?
The most common dog health problems every do lovers will agree are ticks. In fact, one of the main sources of ticks is from our dog and not from other wild animals. One way to remove this is to put mineral oil to the scalp of your pets. After 30 seconds you can then remove ticks by using a sharp pointed tweezers. Be careful in pulling them out from the hair. Do not twist the tick; rather pull out straight and slowly so as not to squeeze the head or the body to avoid exposing other organisms. In severe cases, you can go the veterinarian to ask for specialized formulated powder to kill ticks. Proper bathing and cleaning are a helpful way of preventing ticks.

Do I have to check my dog ears and eyes?
Yes. It’s advisable to check your dog’s eyes and ears at least once a week especially dogs with large and hairy ears. You should check for unusual discharged and odor. To clean your dog ears, use cotton with baby oil and gently clean starting from the inside to the outside. This is not only good for your dog health but I am sure he will like this. Healthy dog’s eyes appear clean and shiny and usually wide open. Just used a wet cloth and wipe any discharged or obstruction. Do not pour water directly to your dogs’ eyes because this can caused irritation.

I hope these dog health information educated you on how to maintain your dog’s proper hygiene. It is better to know the basics, to move out and learn on your own.

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