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Dog lovers are very concerned towards their pet that they usually do a lot of researching on dog health information. They are often times tend to be anxious when their dogs start to show unusual behavior. These are only a few of the dog health questions and answer information that I found in the splendid world of Internet that any dog lovers need to know about taking care of their dogs.

How will I know if my dog is sick?
There are obvious signs to tell when your dear dog is ill. They might show any or all signs of loss of appetite, diarrhea, constant vomiting, depression, weakness and weight loss. It's safer to contact your vet before you administer something. Be cautious; some thing's wrong if one of these signs shows up.

Do I have to brush their teeth?
Of course, because you need to maintain the dog's oral hygiene. Studies show that almost 80 percent of puppies get into oral disease in as early as age three. Regular brushing of their teeth will keep it stronger, healthier and you can keep them away from pains of anesthesia. It is also advisable to give them toys that will strengthen their teeth.

Can I know the temperature of my dog through his nose?
This is one presumption of most dog owners which is untrue. You can't tell the temperature of your dog through their nose. In times of hot temperature, your dog sweats off to cool himself resulting for its nose to feel cool and moist. On the other hand if the temperature is too cold the dogs’ nose will go dry just what human manifest to regulate the temperature in their body.

How often should I take him for vaccination?
Only your veterinarian can tell how often your dog needs to be vaccinated. Since there are many factors that affects and determines this one, the best way is to regularly visit your vet and talk about more on this aspect so you will be oriented as to how often and what vaccine is needed.

Do I have to visit the vet often?
Visiting your vet generally depends on your dog health, age and status. For puppies, regular visit is a must since you need to secure a lot of checkups and vaccination and for older ones, at least twice a year depending on its needs. If your dog is sick, it’s a must that you do regular visits for test and medications. The vet will then advise you on what to do and how often you need to follow up for check ups for your dog health to improve.

As much as you care to buy them good stuffs over the Internet so is the need to know information on how to perk up your dog health. And please take note that not all the time,word from dog owners are dependable, so remember do not try to make a diagnosis of your own, go to the veterinarian to seek medical and professional advice.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I am desperately looking for an answer regarding my beagle baby Tucker (1.5 yrs old). I have gone to two vets who cannot figure out what's wrong. He started accessively drooling about three to four weeks ago. I thought it might just be puberty or something. Then he started limping (which may or may not be related... NO IDEA, but I am with him all the time and I haven't seen him get hurt or anything). His eating habits began changing as well. His energy is completely gone (and if you know young beagles, that is NOT NORMAL). The most troublesome symptom however, is that his tongue acts as though it's dead... no panting, no loving smooches, no normal eating/drinking. PLEASE if anyone has any idea what this might be, please email me at

Thanks so much.