Dog Health Tip – Take Your Dog for a Walk

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Talking about dog health, don't you know that a round of exercise a day will keep your dog up and about from the boredom of being alone at home while you are at work? Truly! If you are a dog lover, spending time with your dog outdoors like taking him for a walk could mean a lot in strengthening the bond of a human-canine relationship plus keeping you both fit, healthy and above all happy.

Like humans do, dogs have certain basic needs necessary for survival. Aside from providing a good food and a good home, a routine of a good exercise must be made available as well. Exercised dogs will likely live longer than inactive and isolated dogs. It will spare them from having poor muscle tone, obesity, heart ailments and bone disorders resulting to weakness and untimely death. Dog lover wouldn’t want this to happen. Consequently, it will bring you grief and guilt since your pet is a mere reflection of the kind of owner you are breaking down to the quality of care and provisions you have given. However, a well exercised dog possesses a strong, active and a happy aura with the benefit of behaving well in your household.

What kind of dog training exercise should you imposed? Actually, taking your dog a walk while on leash is the simplest form of dog exercise enough to improve your dog health. It will allow him to experience outdoors, socialize with people and fellow dogs – a good way of treating aggression problems. An appropriate venue may be in a wide open space preferably in the park as not all households nowadays have a wide yard giving your dog the opportunity to run around but with close supervision. Other than walking you can introduce more exciting and vigorous exercise like swimming and fetching. Swimming can be helpful in strengthening the lung function and the good thing is you will have the fun of dipping together with you pet while improving your dog health Doing this activity in lakes or the beach is a great choice during hot summer seasons, since it gives him a great workout without the risk of getting overheated and the peril of dehydration. Another fun dog exercise is fetching. You can teach your dog to fetch and catch a ball or could be a Frisbee.

Committing yourself to your dog health through exercise is like a touch of love to your furry friend. In return guarantees you to a fun and stress away moments with your canine companion the way you wanted them to be. This is the surest thing to prove that you are a certified dog lover.

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