The Basic of Dog Grooming

My aunt who works in Australia once said that people in Balmain are amongst the most dog friendly people. That is why, dog grooming in Balmain are very popular in their community.

One of the basic dog health needs of your dog is proper grooming, and this is one of the major responsibilities of dog owner. For those dog lovers that are busy and can't spend a lot of time for their pet grooming, I recommend one of a low maintenance dog which is a pugalier; a cross-breed between Pug and Cavalier Kingz Charles Spaniel. My aunt has chosen to get a pugalier over other breed simply because it's adorable, child-friendly and is more suited in hotter countries such as Australia.

Before you go to a pet store that has a pugalier for sale sign, here are the things that you need to know to see to it that your pugaliers will grow healthy and happy dog.

BRUSH YOUR PUG'S HAIR. It is advised that you take time to brush the Pug's coat many times a week. Regularly brushing the pug's coat will control the hair shedding and will maintain a shiny look, healthy at that.

BRUSH YOUR PUGS TEETH. Dogs are prone to dental problems, it is but right to teeth at least twice a week. But remember, use toothpaste that has been formulated for dogs. Human toothpaste may harm them.

LET THEM TAKE A BATH. At least twice a month or every 2nd or 4th week of the month. Be sure that the shampoo you are going to use is formulated for dogs. Human shampoos may not be tender for them and may destroy their healthy hair and skin.

TRIM THEIR NAILS. Trimming their toenails is one good thing to do at least once a month. Use a sharp dog nail trimmer but just don't cut it too short. Just enough to be trimmed.

CHECK AND CLEAN THE EARS. Ear mites and dirts might cause damage to the pug's ear. It is but right to check it often for the pug to be always clean and away from harm. Dirts and ear mites might cause serious illness to your pugs.

CLEAN THEIR EYES BUT BE VERY CAREFUL. The eyes of a pug is so sensitive, thus it need extra handle in cleaning it. Using soft materials like soft tissues and others is advised in cleaning your pugs eyes.

Mind these tips and keep your pug well-groomed! It's easy and is very indispensable in keeping your buddy healthy!

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