Go for Natural Dog Shampoo

Itching is often associated with inflamed skin, and you may also see other signs such as reddened skin, excessive hair loss, weeping or flaking skin. The worst is, some dogs also have a terrible stinky smell.

Most of dog owners immediately resort to ointments, and allergy medications and other form or strong medicine. Not me. While I recognize the fact that bringing your dog to your vets is the best option, I also believe that aside from proper hygiene, there are other simpler approach to this kind of problem.

In my case, I tried switching my dog food to exclusively barf diet for a week along with vitamin supplement prescribed by my vet. I also found a very good dog shampoo alternative in K-9 Health Solutions while searching online for helpful information. I am particularly using Dogosuds, because just like Barf Diet, its all natural. Dogosuds is a breakthrough products of which is chemical free shampoo that contains 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that have natural, healing properties.

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