Dog Food Recall; Past Present and the Future

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The term back yard dog is becoming more of taboo now for dog lovers. Pet owners’ nurtures and spoil their dog as if it’s their only child. They are actually spending a lot of money now on eye-catching yet expensive collars, dog kennel,
dog health insurance and a good brand of dog food.

However after the series of unpleasant incident of a massive dog food recall, pet owners are taking a lot consideration when it comes to choosing what to feed their pet. The improved self-consciousness of pet owners in their dog health and choices greatly affects and still affecting sales of various pet food products. Various associations for dog health protection and FDA are sterner on regulating the distribution of pet food. Companies are obligated to follow strict guidelines and requirements which should in general satisfy the needs of most pets.

Harking back to the past, the FDA found out that a certain brand/brands of dog food are the primary caused of dogs getting sick and a considerable number died after eating that food contaminated with harmful chemicals. Dog health were put at risk and dogs generally experienced kidney problems and showed sign of poisoning which includes but not limited to vomiting, convulsion and difficulty of breathing. Pet owner’s grievances steers the very heart of the media and therefore heightened consciousness of the general public.

In the face of the past sticky situation on dog food recall, studies shows that in America alone, pet owner will spend $43.4 billion on their pets in 2008, which is way higher that $41.2 billion last year. And the focal target market is of course the Baby boomers, since being alone in the house; they are most likely the people to own a pet and will have enough superfluous budgets to pamper their pet in most ways. Nevertheless they are also the type of pet owner who are more involved in their dog health and will spend extra time reading nutrition facts and bag of dog food.

After the dog food recall, comes a new challenged for dog food manufacturer to make available to the more educated pet owners the best products they can offer without jeopardizing the dog health and being. It would probably be one of the grounds for higher price on dog food, improve premiums, and confusing hype. Either way, dog food ought to supply the dog's nutrient necessities. After all you dogs are your family and you don’t want any of your family eating pieces of crap, don’t you?

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Dog Health Insurance: A Luxury or Necessity?

Most dog lovers spend more money on their pets in order to maintain their dog health. It is a known fact that the medical care for a dog becomes more expensive as he grows older; for his risks on acquiring serious and expensive illness is greater the younger ones. Dog health insurance may still be a luxury for some, but most dog owners still avail it for their dogs. They treat their pets like members of the family and spoil them with expensive food, toys and doggy fashion. That is why some of gets confused, whether dog health insurance is luxury or necessity.

Veterinary costs have been rising these past few years. When you do not have dog health insurance, most veterinarians today make you pay for every visit at the time of the appointment, whether it is a routine checkup or emergency cases. This can cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket unexpectedly. That is where dog health insurance comes in.

Due to the advancements in veterinary medicine, our pets can live longer than ever before. Because of these sophisticated diagnostic tools used by veterinarians today, overlooked illnesses for too many years can still be detected. The more the advancements in veterinary medicine, the more the dog health are preserved. Sadly these treatments, which can save your pet’s life, are usually very expensive for most dog lovers. Because of this many of them resort on getting a dog health insurance.

A lot of dog health insurance companies offer different plans with deductibles and premiums. Some plans cover only illnesses and accidents while others include vaccinations and routine exams as well. Normally, an average dog’s policy may cost $25 to $30 a month depending on age, species, and breed of pet. Even lifestyle and area of residence can affect the choice and price of dog health premium for your dog.

So if you plan to get a dog health insurance, see to it that the company allows you to choose your preferred veterinarians. Check on the length of the waiting period, the cost of premium including deductibles, co-pays, and caps for your pet. Also check the company's policy conditions and exclusions, claim time turn around, and be sure that it is licensed in their state. Dog owners should also check the company’s ratings, news and financial data for the insurance industry worldwide to avoid problems in the future.

Dog lovers should seriously consider getting dog health insurance. It is a normal thing for having pets to give them the good things that they need. It is well worth it and it can really ease your mind knowing that your dog's health can be saved through expensive medical treatment. What is good about health insurance is that over a lifetime, pet insurance premiums will add up to more than the claims. But insurance is not all about economics. Whether you consider it as luxury or necessity, one thing is for sure; it brings you peace of mind knowing that your dog health is out of danger.

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Dog Health and Obesity Awareness

dog health, dog lovers, dog health information When we talk about “obesity”, humans normally come in our mind. But what if it is dog obesity and not humans? Strange, right? We ought to know that dog health and obesity awareness is a perfect way to save the man's best friend. Maybe it was too distinct for people who lived many years ago; but fortunately not for people living in the modern society nowadays. Dogs of today, like humans, experience obesity as one of the major health risks.

Dogs that eat excessively and with unhealthy binges can become obese. This situation often triggered by some environmental factors could create more problems in a dog health if not controlled. Dogs also develop certain diseases if they are overweight that can lead to more serious complications including death. Obesity in dogs tends to put extra weight developing arthritis on their joints and other parts of the bones. It can also develop other muscle and joint problems like spinal disc disease, hip dysplasia, and cracks on the joint ligaments.

We all know that overweight causes diabetes in humans. It certainly does happen to dogs, too. More fat stored in the dog's body generates more insulin in order to cope with its increasing mass. Dogs have the tendency to resist too much insulin in the body, so this results to diabetes. Skin problems also occur if a dog is overweight. Excessive fat deposits are stored in the skin makes the owner find it hard grooming his dog. Dogs without proper grooming oftentimes accumulate bacteria, dirt, or other elements that can harm their skin. This eventually develops rashes, skin ruptures, and infections that are very dangerous on your dog health.
Overweight dogs are prone to heat stroke especially during summer time. Too much fat deposits accumulated in their skin lowers their heat tolerance. Obese dogs can also develop respiratory problems and heart diseases. Thick fat deposits covering the chest cavity, thus making the lungs and the heart expand hardly whenever the dog breathes. If the heart and the lungs can no longer produce the right amount of oxygen and circulate it within the dog's body, it could kill him. Inflamed pancreas, which is very painful, can seriously affect dog health. Lastly, obesity in dogs can create a liver malfunction because of too much fat deposits accumulated in the area. This may even cause the death of your dog.

These health problems are all life threatening to both humans and dogs. But in the case of our pet dogs, it all depends upon the owner on how he secures his dog health. It is important that dog lovers should create a healthy exercise schedule for their dogs like taking them for a walk every afternoon or letting him run through a field. This does not only benefit the dogs but their owners as well. Owners must also create a healthy diet for their dogs. Diet meals with necessary nutrients should include the right combination of fiber, meat, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals in order for the dogs to stay healthy.

Dog lovers
should always give more water to their dogs when they feed them fiber. This can prevent constipation. Above all, they should also remember that before trying out new things on their dogs, it is best to consult the veterinarian first. Give your dogs the best love and care you can. Your dog health and obesity awareness is a perfect way to save the man's best friend.

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Dog Allergy and Remedy

dog health, dog lovers, dog health informationBecause of the unstoppable modernization of our society today, more people find ways to pacify their stress. One of these ways is to have a pet at home. We all know that most of us especially the dog lovers consider dogs as the perfect pet for anyone. Some even treat their pets as humans, dress them up and let them sleep in their own beds! But, how much do you know about your dog health? Do you know that dogs can acquire allergies like humans, too?

Yes, new allergies develop each day and increases in severity of existing ones. Dogs also suffer seasonal allergies involving pollen, plants, and molds, just like us. But the most common dog allergies include flea allergy, dog food allergy, contact allergy and occasionally an allergic reaction to vaccinations. Dog allergies caused by different substances generally produce symptoms that affect the skin, affecting you dog health. If your dog scratches and licks himself especially his belly and paws continuously; with sore, red patches of skin, and patchy hair loss, he definitely suffers from allergies.

Other symptoms include sneezing, coughing, persistent head shaking or discharge from the eyes or nose. Small dogs or puppies commonly do not develop dog allergies until they become a year old or more. Their exposure to allergens in the environment, food, and others sensitizes them to certain substances and tend to develop allergies. Treating an allergy that appeared recently seems easier than the one present and untreated for a long period of time. Canine allergies can severely affect a dog health because the symptoms it produces can make your dog very miserable and uncomfortable, unless you treat it carefully. Dogs do not get better by themselves.

In order to protect your dog health, minimize your pup's exposure to as many “triggers” as possible to lessen the chances of developing canine allergies in later life. Feed him a high-quality food without dangerous chemicals and artificial additives. Use a good, effective flea medication on your pup during flea’s season. Give him a regular bath and grooming, and minimize your dogs' contact with long grasses.

It is advisable to take your dog to a veterinarian that can perform either skin tests or blood tests to determine the exact cause of the allergy. But if in case your dog's skin conditions looks severe and appears to be infected, your veterinarian may prescribe corticosteroids, cortisone shots or allergy medications. You can also use products available in the market that can help you treat the skin allergy symptoms that your dog may be experiencing. Different shampoos such as hypoallergenic or hydrocortisone formula, itch stop sprays, lotions and salves can soothe and reduce inflammation. Hydrocortisone products also help in fast healing. All of these products are of big help to your dog health if allergy occurs.

Some dietary supplements and excellent dog foods that contain pure, natural ingredients can also improve skin condition and boost immunity. It can also end food allergies and strengthen the digestive and immune system. Vomiting, diarrheas, loss of appetite or lethargy are symptoms that are often mistaken as food allergy instead of food intolerance. To expose a food allergy and isolate the offending ingredients, perform an elimination diet for the betterment of your dog health. These symptoms also indicate one of several serious canine illnesses, so better seek veterinary attention.

Occasionally, dogs suffer allergic reactions to a vaccination. Most of these vaccine reactions are mild involving lethargy, loss of appetite or a slight fever. We rarely encounter vaccination's moderate to severe reactions, but it can seriously affect your dog health. Development of any swelling or hives on your pet's body, particularly around or on his face after taking his shots minutes or several hours later is definitely serious. This could even progress to swelling of his throat, difficult breathing, seizure and even death. Seek immediate veterinary attention before it's too late.

We may think that dog allergies are usual, but we must do something to reduce the chances of putting our dog health at stake. If you suspect your pup experiences a canine allergy of some sort, you figure out what is causing the problem and make him feel better! Know about your dog health before anything gets worse. In that way, you will feel better, too, and can enjoy more time with your pet.

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Dog Health Tip – Take Your Dog for a Walk

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Talking about dog health, don't you know that a round of exercise a day will keep your dog up and about from the boredom of being alone at home while you are at work? Truly! If you are a dog lover, spending time with your dog outdoors like taking him for a walk could mean a lot in strengthening the bond of a human-canine relationship plus keeping you both fit, healthy and above all happy.

Like humans do, dogs have certain basic needs necessary for survival. Aside from providing a good food and a good home, a routine of a good exercise must be made available as well. Exercised dogs will likely live longer than inactive and isolated dogs. It will spare them from having poor muscle tone, obesity, heart ailments and bone disorders resulting to weakness and untimely death. Dog lover wouldn’t want this to happen. Consequently, it will bring you grief and guilt since your pet is a mere reflection of the kind of owner you are breaking down to the quality of care and provisions you have given. However, a well exercised dog possesses a strong, active and a happy aura with the benefit of behaving well in your household.

What kind of dog training exercise should you imposed? Actually, taking your dog a walk while on leash is the simplest form of dog exercise enough to improve your dog health. It will allow him to experience outdoors, socialize with people and fellow dogs – a good way of treating aggression problems. An appropriate venue may be in a wide open space preferably in the park as not all households nowadays have a wide yard giving your dog the opportunity to run around but with close supervision. Other than walking you can introduce more exciting and vigorous exercise like swimming and fetching. Swimming can be helpful in strengthening the lung function and the good thing is you will have the fun of dipping together with you pet while improving your dog health Doing this activity in lakes or the beach is a great choice during hot summer seasons, since it gives him a great workout without the risk of getting overheated and the peril of dehydration. Another fun dog exercise is fetching. You can teach your dog to fetch and catch a ball or could be a Frisbee.

Committing yourself to your dog health through exercise is like a touch of love to your furry friend. In return guarantees you to a fun and stress away moments with your canine companion the way you wanted them to be. This is the surest thing to prove that you are a certified dog lover.

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